In remembrance
of our fellow classmates who are now deceased.
Our thoughts will be on them whenever we revisit our memories
of our grade school, junior high school and senior high school years.
We were all there together.

Cathy Ann (Hedge) Skinner
Cathy Ann (Hedge) Skinner
passed away November 7, 2014

***  Karla Gorman Laughner found past obituaries on our departed classmates.
Click on name to read obituary and then back space to return to this page.

Cathy Ann (Hedge) Skinner 2014
Joyce Ann Houchens 2014
Paula Maria (Pope) Kruger 2013
Jerry L. Howe 2012

Jeri Jo (Buck) Kingery 2012
Randall (Randy) Gene McKinzie 2010
Daniel A. Kallner 2009
Janet Norris 2009  (tribute article)

Samuel Keith Galvin 2009 (obituary 2)
Jack Herr Shelby 2009
Gregory E. (Greg) Jacobs 2008

Elizabeth Anne (Smith) O'Donnell 2006
Robert R. "Woody" Woodruff 2006
Richey Pearson 2006
Janis S. 'Susie' Buntin King 2006

Penny C. Milnes Sanders 2004
Denise Strode Donoho 2003
David C. Elliott 2002
Cecilia Loshl Hasting 2001
Bob Trent 1998
Diana Wilson 1998
Karen Carpenter Harrison 1997
 Darrell Stinson 1997 (tribute article)
Paul Bell 1996
Carol Becker 1995
Del Clark 1989
Randy Ely (obituary missing?)
Brenda Pedigo 1970
One time classmate Clark D. Hare, who was in the class of 1972 during some Junior High years, was reported by the Lafayette Journal & Courier to have passed away on January 18, 2013 at the age of 59.

40th Reunion Memorial Display of 
deceased classmates
(compliments of Karla Gorman)
karla gorman disply of classamates passed on

Click on this link or picture above to see full size picture

The Rose is in remembrance of Brenda Pedigo (no picture available at the time * see below)
Remembrance display presented at 30th Reunion
created and displayed by Sarah Spray Lamm
Thanks Sarah!
This display added a very touching memory reflection to our gathering.
--photograph provided by Gary Woodruff


Brenda Pedigo
Brenda Pedigo
passed away Nov. 7, 1970
picture provided by Joyce Brooks Boling

Denise Strode Donoho
Denise Strode Donoho
passed away Jan. 25, 2003
 Penny C. Milness Sanders
Penny C. Milnes Sanders
passed away January 19, 2004

Janis S. 'Susie' Buntin King
Janis S. 'Susie' Buntin King
  passed away
March 19, 2006

Richey Pearson
Richey Pearson
  passed away
August 8, 2006

Robert Woodruff
Robert R. "Woody"

passed away
October 1, 2006

Beth Smith
Elizabeth Anne (Smith) O'Donnell
passed away
December 16, 2006

Greg Jacobs
Gregory E. (Greg) Jacobs
passed away
July 5, 2008

Jack Shelby
Jack Herr Shelby
passed away
February 2, 2009
Sam Galvin
Samuel Keith Galvin
passed away
July 31, 2009

with FHS 1972 classmates for years;
graduated from Clinton Prairie High School in 1972

Janet Norris
Janet Norris
passed away October 15, 2009

Daniel Kallner
Daniel A. Kallner
passed away November 27, 2009

Randy McKinzie
Randall (Randy) Gene McKinzie
passed away June 10, 2010

jeri jo buck
Jeri Jo (Buck) Kingery
passed away April 29, 2012

Jerry L. Howe
Jerry L. Howe
passed away August 6, 2012

paula maria (pope) kruger
Paula Maria (Pope) Kruger
passed away June 9, 2013

Joyce Ann Houchens
Joyce Ann Houchens
passed away September 15, 2014

Cathy Ann (Hedge) Skinner
Cathy Ann (Hedge) Skinner
passed away November 7, 2014

memorial of lost classmates
35th Reunion Memorial for Lost Classmates
left side close up

right side close up

***  In 2006, a classmate's death was falsely reported to us by someone who claimed to be a friend.  In the future, reporting of the passing of a classmate will not take place until it is verified by a family member or newspaper clipping.  We did originally make the posting with a "(?)", but I do apologize for the error.  I guess this is another reason why it would be advised to keep up to date on this page to make sure you are still thought to be with us.

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